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Coloron GamePlay:

Coloron is all about the color and speed. Why 2 things related to each other? Well, it’s because you must be good at hand-eye coordination to get the highest score. Having the highest score each time you play is your main objective here. At y8 new game, this game tests your reaction and decision-making speed in a fun and challenging way. All you have to do is to quickly change the color of each column to make it fit the color of a bouncing ball.

Right away after you click on the start button, a ball appears. It bounces from this column to that column and you have to keep it bouncing until you can’t. However, the thing is not simple like that because this ball will changes its color frequently each time it touches the surface of a pillar and you don’t know what the next color is. That is the point. Then, you have to click on the pillar to change its color to match the color of the ball. Each time you succeed, you get 1 point.

On, the rule is simple but the gameplay is challenging. The time from the moment that ball bounces in the air to the moment it lands is so short. You may not react fast enough to take action. Fail after a few seconds is fine because your skill will improve each time you play. So how many scores can you get? Set a record and break it by yourself.

This fun game is sure to keep you hooked. Besides this game, you can find many options as enjoyable as this one. Some of them are Escape Out and Boat Coordinates.


Click to change the color.

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