Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

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Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure is the latest version of the Car Eats Car series that you can play at Y8 free games. After going through explorations on land, this time, you will have a chance to embark on an underwater adventure where you will deal with rivals and so many sea creatures. Try hard to go through all deadly obstacles and defeat every single enemy to reach the shipwreck at each level. To kill enemies, you can drop bombs or bite them. Enemies will find a way to kill you at all costs. You have to kill them first before you run out of HP.

You can collect energy and HP on the way. Watch out for giant fish, they open their mouth wisely and wait for you to across. It's almost impossible for you to kill these giant fish. The only way to keep you safe from them is to jump over them. If you can’t jump over them, they will swallow you. Collect tons of gems to go shopping. Later on, you can use gems to upgrade armor, turbo, speed, and damage. It’s important to buy upgrades because like other games at, as you level, it’s harder to finish your mission.

Also, you should buy Magnets to attract gems, Bomb Replicator generates bombs in the stock, and Emp Emitter emits an electromagnetic pulse that paralyzes enemies around you. 3 types of bombs are available in the store for you to purchase. You can unlock new supercars as well to drive around the ocean and discover new things. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? What more are you waiting for?

Start the engine and go straight toward the final destination. If you find more games to enjoy, here are some options for you Hugie Wugie Runner and Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Instructions: W/up arrow – gas, A/left arrow – left, D/right arrow – right, S/down arrow – brake, Space – bombs, Z/X/L+Shift – Turbo.

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