Bird trap

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Bird trap GamePlay:

While flying around the forest to look for food, the little bird in Bird Trap gets lost in an area full of deadly traps. That cutie can’t get out of it without your help. Like other games at Y8 skill games, you also have a mission to finish and a goal to reach here. It’s to keep the bird stay alive as long as possible and get as many scores as you can. It has super simple but insanely challenging gameplay.

It can make you freak out right from the first attempt. Let’s see if you’re skillful enough to reach the number of scores that you want. Look at the screen and you see that the bird is surrounded by spikes. At the top and the bottom of the screen, spikes are everywhere while the left side and the right side of the screen just have 2 spikes in each, and those spikes will move a little bit after you get a score.

This can be one of the most challenging games that you can find at It’s not easy to collect the star. One star is equivalent to one point. So to earn points, you have to control the bird to approach a star each time. Each star will appear in a different position each time and you have to time your action to help the bird. The bird will bounce off the wall and you have to make sure that it lands in the safe space without spikes.

If it touches any spikes, it loses its life and you have to restart the game. You need attention and patience to play this game. Don’t forget to give other games a try such as Falling Lovers and Super Lule Adventure.

Instructions: Left click, spacebar, or touch.

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