Bhaag Santa Bhaag

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What do you do these days? Are you free? If you are free, let’s give Santa Claus your helping hands. Santa is busy right now. He needs to collect Christmas gifts and bring them to the castle for kids in Bhaag Santa Bhaag at He can’t succeed without your help. Control our lovely Santa jump and run your way through the land covered by snow and collect every single gift out there.

It’s cold outside but Santa doesn’t have any chance to rest. Leave the warm igloo and go outside. After gathering all gifts, you and Santa can bring them to the castle where kids are waiting. Be careful because the road is slippery. It’s better to run at a slow speed and stop at the point the is far from the edge of the platforms. Otherwise, Santa easily falls and loses a life. Santa just has 3 lives and he can’t earn an extra life on the way.

There are all 14 levels equivalent to 14 tasks that you and Santa will have to complete in this exciting Y8 free games game. When you collect every single gift without leaving any of them behind, you get 3 stars. You need at least one star to complete a level. You should expect that the game becomes more challenging as you advance. What will Santa and you deal with at the later level? No one tells you guys about that and you guys have to reveal it by yourself.

Play this game on Christmas or whenever you want, even though Christmas holiday is gone. After you can challenge yourself with the new missions in other games on our site such as Tomb of the Mask Neon and Santa Dart Game.

Instructions: Right/left/up arrow keys to move.

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