Babel Tower

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Babel Tower GamePlay:

Carry the tasks of building and constructing the highest Tower of Babel in this quest from Y8com where the highest tower owner will bring home the top scores! We are searching for the most talented strategists who can manage a large team of different roles and guide them to fulfill the mission of building. How long will it take for you to create a tower that reaches the sky? Your team will include a variety of characters, ranging from the hard-working miners, artistic masons and crafters, strong lumberjacks as well as builders.

To succeed in this game, it's very crucial to choose the characters and assign the tasks to them at the perfect timing. Such an incredible idle game has a simple and easy-to-understand set of rules, but there will be more than meets the eye as the players have to interact for a while to explore all the possibilities. After you manage to construct a new level or floor, a new machine that can assist you with the infrastructure delivery will be unlocked.

Pay attention to some of the characters like the Query, whose responsibility is to mine stone or the Crane who deliver bricks. Don't forget about Forest, who chop wood to help Lumbermills to create chunks of planks. You can also ask your friend Drummer to increase the water pumping speed, and use the Forest Elephant to transport the resources to the level that you want.

Even one character missing will be enough for your scheme to end in this game at Learn the technique to build the highest tower in the world by interacting with the tutorial of this game! Have fun with more building games such as Potion Ingredient Match or Color Magnets to make your version of building and towers from scratch!


Click and drag the mouse to interact with the characters.

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