Angry Bull Racing

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Angry Bull Racing GamePlay:

You are probably too familiar with car racing or motorbike racing or bicycle racing. It’s time to welcome something new but filled with fun. Let’s join bull racing in Angry Bull Racing at y8y8 fighting games. You will have the best gaming experience ever. You don’t control any vehicles and race against other racers but control an angry bull to race against other bulls. You have 2 game modes to enjoy including Quick Races and Tournaments.

Basically, in both 2 modes, your objective is to become the first one reach the fish line. You are unable to adjust the speed of your bull. To pass your opponents, you should collect speed boost item along the way which is presented by a lightning bolt. Using it can boost your bull’s speed for a short time on However, it’s really useful. It can help you change to the tide of the race.

Besides speed boost, you also collect coins and use a magnet to get all coins nearby. You know what sometimes when you play a game too many times, you should try something new, explore somethings refresh and enjoy new gameplay. So, this game is the best option for those who search for a unique experience.

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Use arrow keys to control your bull.

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