Stickdoll 2

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Stickdoll 2 GamePlay:

Stickdoll 2 is a cool hack and slash action-packed platformer that you shouldn't miss a chance to play if this is your favorite genre. The story of this game is interesting. Not many games at Y8 games feature an exciting storyline like this one. Here, you play as Flame, a mage who wants to revive the Fire Kingdom by collecting 5 elemental stones. Gargle who is your company has betrayed you and he stole the main elemental stone from you. Don't give up. You can take it back and find other stones by yourself.

This is how your adventure begins. It's not easy but you can do it. Your adventure is divided into several phrases and you have to finish each phrase with only one life. If you die, you have to start once again from the starting point. On, you have to slash your enemies with your large sword and jump over the gaps and obstacles. Enemies are crowded and dangerous. You will die because of your carelessness more than enemies. So you have to be careful in every step you make.

Only one mistake can send you to hell. Along the way, you can collect coins and unlock the chests to upgrade your stats. Upgrading is essential. This enhances your attack damage, speed, and skills to deal with more challenges waiting for you ahead. However, do not too focus on collecting coins because it can push you into danger. Sometimes, you have to turn a blind eye to coins to keep your life safe. So many coins are there to collect in your adventure.

Good luck and feel free to play other games on our site for free. Some of the great options for you are Crazy Archer and Zombie Parade Defense 3.

How to play: WASD to move, Space to attack, Space and up arrow key to flip.

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