Sea Rush

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Sea Rush GamePlay:

A colorful matching game with the appearance of the prettiest fishes is here at Y8Y8 girl games! Come and discover what the ocean holds behind layers and layers of fishes in this new game called Sea Rush. Your job is to navigate the fishes, detangle them and make sure all the fishes are rescued before the time runs out. Those that are scattered in the seabed are waiting for your help to match a line of three or more with the same pattern.

Once they are lined up, such a line will be removed from the table to make room for more matching teams. It's not easy to spot the two fishes that can be switched in order to create a straight line, so observe the grid before making any move. Once you reach the requirements of the levels, all the beautiful colors of those fishes will be in full bloom for your enjoyment. Clearing the blocks from the game screen needs to be done on time before the blocks fill up to the brim of the grid.

In case you manage to form a line of 3 rainbow blocks, you will gain a random power-up to assist you in the quest to save the ocean. Use the power-ups and boosters wisely because they can wipe out the whole grid for you! The level ends when you complete the final goal of freeing 3 fishes from their little bubbles. It's a fun and relaxing game with vibrant and most colorful fishies to share the fun time!

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How to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button to move the fishes.

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