Rodeo Stampede

Rate: 75% | 3.8/5 (4 Player)


Rodeo Stampede GamePlay:

If you ask which game is most worth playing at y8y8y8, then the answer must be Rodeo Stampede. Why? Simply because it’s fun and it offers so many interesting features to discover. Let’s talk about your goal here. You build a zoo filled with different animals and this will be a point of interest that everyone loves to visit. However, you won’t buy those animals and the game also won’t give you some animals. You have to find and tame wild animals.

Find the best way to turn them into your lovely four-footed friends. Yes, you will have a wild ride, and hope you have a safe one. Your mission varies. You have to tame new animals, ride a specific animal and stay on its back for a certain amount of time. Use a lasso and grab the head of any animals in front of you.

On, you have to swing from the back of this animal to that animal and go as far as you can, tame as many animals as possible. You can change the running direction of the animal that you ride. Timing is essential in this game because you have to jump to another animal's back all the time. If you ride an animal for too long, it will get mad and knock you to the ground. When you get the heart of an animal, it’ll be tamed and you can bring it to your zoo.

Besides staying focused on taming wild animals, you must also pay attention to welcoming visitors. The more visitors come, the more money you can earn. Then, you can use the money to upgrade and expand your zoo. Have fun here and in other games on our site such as Adam and Eve: Zombies and Ladder Race.


Mouse to tame animals.

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