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Relaxing, mind-blending, fun and challenging, Push It is a great puzzle game that can bring you joy and happiness. If you want to find a game easy enough to play but enjoyable enough to help you relax, it can be that one. Here at y8 new game, a 5x5 board is presented right in the center of the screen. You will see some buttons which are the ball launchers and your mission is to press on it to release the ball to fill the holes.

Make all rows and columns filled with balls without leaving any balls behind and you succeed in that level and can move to the next one. The number of ball launchers varies on each level. However, it's not simple as you just need to free the ball and it's done. You have to make this work done strategically. The number in each launcher equivalent to the hole and you must make a smart move to fill all of them with balls.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, you may lose sometimes but then, you can find out the best way to solve the problem. There are 50 levels waiting for you to discover and it's sure to give you a long-lasting experience of joy. Observe and try to count in your mind first, then take action to make sure you are doing great and make as few mistakes as possible.

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Press and click on the ball launcher to release the balls.

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