Pull the Pin

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Pull the Pin GamePlay:

Sometimes the simple thing helps us to relax and have fun and Pull The Pin just follows that concept. Simple, easy and fun, it’s a perfect game for those who don’t care about winning or losing, don’t want their brain to be hard-working and simply enjoy the simplicity. At y8 free gams, any kind of game is available. Some games require the player to exercise their brain. Some games force the player to be very skillful and some games require all skills but this one is the opposite of everything.

Some players may find it boring but some may find it suits their taste. So, what are you going to do here? Its name says everything. You need to pull the pins that poke through the bottle or something like that. This pin holds the balls back in the top of that upside-down bottle and your main objective is to pull the pin to release the balls. When the pin is pulled out, all of the balls will drop to a basket below.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, sometimes, you will see some grey balls. If you free these balls, you lose. You must turn them into colorful balls by making all the colorful balls touch these grey balls. Then, you can let them meet the basket. Here, say playing without thinking is not true. You have to think about which pins you should pull first. They must be pulled in order.

As you level up, the game becomes a little bit harder. So check it out if it suits your taste or you can enjoy other options such as Jump Temple and Block Champ.


Use your left click to pull the pin.

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