Frisbee Forever 2

Rate: 88% | 4.4/5 (5 Player)


Frisbee Forever 2 GamePlay:

Welcome to Frisbee Forever 2 – a cool arcade game that gives you a chance to experience the rollercoaster ride that you may have never had in your life. Here at y8 y8 games online, control or steer your colorful Frisbee and go along with it to discover the beautiful landscape of 3 different worlds. Your main objective is to go through as many rings as you can and reach the finish line. If you don’t miss any stars and rings at each level, you will get a golden coin. Try to collect these golden coins to unlock new worlds including Viewpoint Hill and Dragon Sea.

Make sure you don’t make your Frisbee crash into something like a rock or a tree because when it gets hit, you lose and you have nothing to do but play that level once again. Dive and glide, fly and drift majestically above the gorgeous landscapes that you haven’t seen before. However, you pay attention too much to the landscape because you may forget your main goal.

On, besides many challenging and interesting levels, you also have a list of missions to do. Finish each mission to earn a bonus. Like other games, the game is not fun if it’s too easy. You also may feel bored if you conquer each level easily. So the game keeps you hooked by the levels with the increasingly difficult level. You will face many obstacles later. The later levels won’t as easy as the first levels. You have to stay focused twice than before. That’s not all.

Some mysteries and exciting things are hidden around each world are waiting for you to reveal. Enjoy every moment here and don’t forget to check out other options such as Adam And Eve Night and Heroes of Match 3.


Control your Frisbee by mouse or arrow keys.

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