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Everyone wants to become a landlord. If it can’t come true in real life, then you can bring into reality with Teams. This is a fun and enjoyable multiplayer IO game with interesting gameplay. Here at y8 boy games, your goal is to become the winner in a match last for over 2 minutes. You fight against other online players in the battle for land. It means you have to have as much land as possible to beat your opponents.

To have more chances to win, you should focus on 4 factors including swipe in a direction to turn, close your area to gain surface, steal your opponent’s areas and touch an opponent’s tail to kill him. Don’t follow the only one direction, conquer the land from everywhere. Move to leave your trace behind and close the trace to gain area, take a small size of land and watch out enemies as they can suddenly attack you by touching your tail and you die.

Besides taking the land of no one, you also can steal your opponent’s areas and eliminate them forever by touching their tail. Expand your territory by adding a little area to it each time. Remember that the world outside your land is dangerous and you become vulnerable. You are only safe in your territory.

On, the percentage of the land you have taken is shown on the screen. Looking at this percentage, you will know your rank and your opponent’s rank as well. Then, you can change the strategy to get the best result. Have fun and enjoy your free time with other choices of games such as and


Swipe or use your mouse to move.

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