Zombie Spider

Rate: 72% | 3.6/5 (5 Player)


Zombie Spider GamePlay:

Something fun is waiting for you at juegos y8. Do you want to know what it is? Jump in Zombie Spider and start a fun hanging adventure with a zombie ragdoll. Hang like Spiderman by shooting web from a web shooter. The game is easy to understand but hard to get 3 stars perfectly in each level. So what will you do in this game? Simply help your character go through all levels in 3 worlds.

Each world includes 24 levels and more worlds will come soon in the future. All levels are unlocked so you are free to choose any levels you want to play first but it’s better to start from level one and advance orderly to the final level. On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, you can make the rope shorter or longer depends on each situation. That is the point. Too short and too long cause problems. You must reach the vertical line to complete the level. Be careful.

Focus on keeping your character safe and use ropes sparingly to get a high score. If your zombie lands softly, you still have a chance to keep playing. Just shoot a rope to hang your character and keep your adventure going. Besides, your journey is not safe and sound all the time. There will be obstacles so you have to deal with these dangers smartly to survive.

This game is fun but hard. Face the challenge and you will get an achievement. Stay safe, keep enjoying and discover other tittles such as Troll Face Quest: USA 2 and Flappy Color Birds.

How to control:

Use arrow keys and Space to play.

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