Wrestler Rush

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Wrestler Rush GamePlay:

Let’s see how strong you are in a fun action game called Wrestler Rus at https://m.y8y8y8.games/. You play as a wrestler and you auto-run forward. Your main objective is to smack down a rival who is waiting for you at the end of each level. However, it’s not easy to approach your rival because you have to go through a series of obstacles before you meet the one who you have to knock out. You have to move to the left and right accordingly to avoid hitting obstacles. Yes, things don’t simple like that.

You have to go through some doors with holes of different shapes. There is nothing special if you just easily go through those doors. You have to change your posture to fit the size of the hole. You have to do it quickly. Otherwise, your life ends there. What you need to do is to tap or click to change the posture. The tip is to look at the shadow on the door. If it’s red, it means you can’t go through the door and if it’s green, you can safely go forward.

In this exciting Y8y8 game, you die because of 2 reasons. You die because you hit any obstacles or go through the door with the wrong posture. Quickly change your pose and dodge obstacles to come to the end of each level and fight against your rival waiting for you there. Jump on the ring and smash down your rival with your weight.

Of course, no one can beat you, especially when you have come through so many challenges. Enjoy your free time here and check out other fun choices such as Poppy Dungeons and Kick the Huggie Wuggie.

Controls: Tap or click.

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