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Welcome to the tomb of of the game. This is pixel Battle Royale game for the survival. Fights several players in multiplayer mode to the last survivor. Start moving around the moment you land on the spot. The main goal is to become the strongest player and survive for as long as possible. Also you can complete some ongoing quest in TombShot io to receive extra XP points. Your enemies will move around as well, so at, pay attention to the dots on the master map to find out their locations. If you manage to gather the arrows and scattered power-ups, you can even take advantage of the special effects and gain an upper hand. 

In a fast-paced game with the main theme of archery, can you survive the attack waves from the other players on an io map? It's what you will face in, the latest io gaming selection from y8 jogos io 2019 games where only the best games are provided. Since it has the battle royale gameplay, the players will all join the same battle map. 

With addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, this game will bring you an unforgettable experience. Good luck! Challenge yourself to another level with and

How to play: 

Move and aim using arrow keys

C key to jump

X to draw an arrow

Release button to shoot

Shift key to barrel roll.

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