The Flappy Virus

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (3 Player)


The Flappy Virus GamePlay:

The Flappy Virus is a virus theme version of Flappy Bird. If you have played Flappy Bird before, you will get used to the controls of this game after a few seconds. This hyper-casual game can be one of the most challenging and annoying games at Y8 skill games. You may find it fun or boring. You may keep playing it or leave after the first try. You do know that Among the biggest threats to humanity, viruses are one of them, right?

In many games with the virus theme, you have to find a way to kill it but this time, your main objective is to protect a cute virus from injection or anything that harms it. You click or tap to control the virus, making it move up and move down to avoid injection and reach the finish line. Here, instead of getting one point when you pass one obstacle, you will guide the virus to the finish line and keep doing it at the next level.

On, you can keep your eye on the track by looking at the left top of the screen. You can see how long you have to go to reach the final destination but don’t put too much attention on it and get distracted because you need to take care of your virus. You have something to collect in this game as well: coins and green potions. Green potion reduces the size of the virus. This makes the virus easier to go through obstacles.

However, collecting this item can put you at risk. Be careful. Break a leg and enjoy your time here. Make sure you check out other games such as Rolling Ball and Angry Sharks.

Instructions: Tap or click to control the virus.