Tennis Masters

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Tennis Masters is a cool sports game that promises to bring to you a new style of playing tennis. It’s different from what you try in real life and other tennis games at y8 games 2 player. Let’s warm up and compete against the computer or challenge your friends in 2-player mode. Yes, you guys can play tennis on the same device. There are 6 sets in each match. Try to win 4 sets and you will become the winner.

Here, you have to move a lot to reach the ball and hit it with your racquet to make it your opponent impossible to catch the ball. Then, you will earn 1 point. One unique feature that makes this game fun and enjoyable is a series of power-ups. The tennis match won’t go as normal. This game offers various power-ups. Each gives you a unique effect that helps you in the match.

On, the power-up appears above the net and you can’t activate them whenever you want because you have to hit the ball go through it to use it. And your opponent can use these items as well. You can make your opponent slow down like a snail, make them small, turn the tennis ball into the fire version, and so on. Take advantage of them and you can find it easier to win the match, even though you can do that when you don’t have any power-ups.

There is a lot of things to do here and you will enjoy every moment you spend on this game. Also, have a look at other choices of the game available on our site. Bookmark or enjoy the following options: Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun and Papa Cherry Saga.


Player 1: Move using arrow keys, hit using L, and smash using K.

Player 2: Move using WASD, hit using X, and smash using Z.

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