Stickman Supreme Shooter

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (2 Player)


Stickman Supreme Shooter GamePlay:

Stickman Supreme Shooter is the latest zombie shooter game added to y8 in which you are surrounded by zombies. They come to you and try their best to get your brain. You won’t let their plan happens, will you? Hold your gun and take a deep breath, then get ready to deal with them. Shoot down every single zombie. If zombies bite you, you will lose HP but don’t worry because you can break the chests on the map and get HP as well as bullets. Zombies will never stop moving. They always come to you.

Don’t stay still. Otherwise, you can’t handle them. Move backward to keep yourself safe. Try to find a cover. From there, you can shoot at zombies without being attacked. Zombies won’t die after one shot. You have to shoot several times to kill them. Besides, many of them approach you at the same time. It’s really hard to win. This y8  game offers 72 levels and as you advance, the zombie power also increases. After every 12 levels, there will be an Epic Boss level and a new map will open. Of course, bosses are the most powerful.

You know that it's a thousand times harder to kill the boss, right? When you run out of bullets, pick up bullets on the ground. With a successful level, you are rewarded with money and you can use the money to buy more powerful weapons in the shop. It’s ok to lose because you can always restart the game and get experience from failure. You will get better and better. Hope so. Have a great gaming time and enjoy other cool games such as Play Time - Toy Horror Store and Rainbow Rocket Ninja.

How to play: WASD to move, mouse to change the camera, and left-click to shoot.

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