Slime Arrows

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Slime Arrows GamePlay:

Platformer games are one of the best and most played genres out there and on Y8y8 as well. They are the top choices of players because it's fun, enjoyable, and challenging at the same time. Today, let us introduce to you the latest platformer game that keeps you hooked right from level 1. It's called Slime Arrows. Normally, you control a character to go through various obstacles, or even battle against enemies, don't you? You have a cute friend to help here.

However, this time, you won't directly control this cutie. Instead, you are in charge of activating some arrows to make Slime move, jump over the obstacles, and so on. You have to activate it at the right time and in the right order to make it work. A level is complete once Slime reaches the portal placed somewhere. At, arrows point in different directions. When you activate this arrow, another arrow is off. It means that you can't make all arrows function at the same time but interestingly, arrows that have the same color will work at once.

There are 30 levels in total and those levels are divided into 2 worlds. You can't guess what kinds of obstacles await you ahead. By completing the current level and advancing, you soon know. It's hard to tell how to master this game because it's all up to your hand speed. It seems easy at the beginning but the challenging levels are up as more arrows appear later on. Be ready to handle all upcoming challenges.

Enjoy your time here and make sure you check out other choices such as Bullet Bender 3d and Through the Clouds.

How to play: Tap or click on arrows to play.

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