Sliding Blocks

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Sliding Blocks GamePlay:

Look at its name, then you can guess what you will do in this game, right? Sliding Blocks is a fun but challenging block sliding puzzle that you can play for free anytime at y8y8 skill games. Your ultimate goal is to simply move the blocks from A to B. Does it sound easy to you? However, when you roll your sleeves and start this mission, you can feel the true challenge. At some first levels, you just have to guide one block to the final destination but later on, more blocks will appear.

Besides, those blocks can move in only one direction. You control two or more blocks at the same time. So, to make it, you have to make use of the structure to gather them and move them to the target point. It seems that these blocks are locked in a closed maze at each level. The structure of the mazes is different. Therefore, you need to find out the solution for each puzzle.

On, you don’t know what awaits you at the later levels. They may become more complicated and require you to put some time and effort to solve them. It’s challenging but it’s not too hard to make you get bored. This just makes you play more and more until you conquer every single puzzle. Remember that all the blocks in the current levels will move with your control. However, don’t worry because this game doesn’t give you a limited number of moves. So just moving around until you succeed.

Also, there is no hint and help here. More interesting games are coming and tons of amazing choices are available. Let’s have a look at Snow Rider 3D and Color Magnets.

How to play:

Use arrow keys to move the blocks.

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