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Shishagon GamePlay:

Which is your favorite genre of game? Take action fast in action game or think about tastic in a strategy game? Or do you want to train your brain with a puzzle game? If you want to test yourself with some brain-teased puzzles, you should check out a challenging and entertaining puzzle game called Shishagon at y8 jogos online. Making each Shishagon reach zero is your main goal. You will easily finish some first levels but you will find it hard to find the solution to solve the puzzle later.

You are free to change the color of the grey Shishigons. You can give them to any color. However, the colored Shishagons can only get and transfer color to ones with the same color. Make sure to understand this rule to master each puzzle. As you advance in the game, there are some Shishagons that only can move their number in specific directions. They just interact with selected Shishagons.

On, try to master these numbers and turn every hexagon to zero to complete each level and unlock the new stage. Look at the arrows on each hexagon and choose the suitable options to get the best result. Move units from this hexagon to another in order to remove all units, this is your objective in each level.

The game doesn’t look great or seems to be boring but once you start playing, you will immerse yourself in the game world. Discover the charm of the game as you advance. Find the joy from the number and don’t forget to enjoy other puzzles such as Hamster Grid Even Odd and Rope Around

How to play:

Use your left click to choose the arrow buttons in order to move units from this Shishagon to next Shishagon.

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