Save The Girl 2

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Save The Girl 2 GamePlay:

Make your brain working with some brain teaser puzzles that are both fun and challenging. Save The Girl, the second sequel of the enjoyable Save The Girl series arrive at y8 co m new games that tests your IQ and wit by making the right answer to save the girl from a scenario in each level. Yes, each level presents a scenario in which the girl experiences an unlucky thing and offers 2 solutions to save the girl from that scenario.

Your job is to analyze the situation and choose the correct answer. Otherwise, the girl will have a bad ending. Answers are sometimes impractical and illogical but it fits well with that situation. So make sure you take time to think. For example, the girl is walking through a frozen land and she feels cold. 2 choices are presented including a fire and a chili. Which one will you choose? You may think the fire will keep her warm right? But it will be put out by win.

So the right answer is chili. On, everything is possible. Use your brain to make judgments and reasoning to give the correct answer. Besides, to play each level you have to spend 1 energy and the cooldown is 1 minute. So if you choose the wrong answer, you soon have no energy left. You have to wait until the energy is recovered.

With the simple and addicting gameplay, once you start, you will want to keep solving the puzzles until you reach the final level. If you get stuck, you can use hints but hints get a price. So use them wisely. Have fun and don’t forget to bookmark some awesome games to enjoy in your free time as well: Type Run and Linear Basketball.


Use your mouse to choose the right answer.

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