Prison Escape Plan

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Prison Escape Plan GamePlay:

Being put in jail mean you have no freedom. However, 3 prisoners in Prison Escape Plan have planned to escape from here for a long time but they don’t succeed. They go and are being caught again and again. This repeats many times. They need your help to lead them to the exit. Here at y8y8 fighting games, you are the only person who knows everything about this prison, from where the guards stand, which kinds of security system they use, and all the gangways. So you need to help them go from the O to the X marked in the map on each level.

You do that by drawing a line connected O and X, then 3 prisons will follow that line. The point is that you have to draw this line that makes our characters go through the security systems and the guards without being noticed. Can you do it? Make sure this line is seamless. If it is not seamless, the three prisoners will only go to the point where the line is broken and as a result, they get caught.

On, more than 50 levels full of fun and challenges are waiting for you. As you level up, the game becomes much harder. The security system becomes more rigorous after each prisoner tries to escape. They set up more security systems and the guards are everywhere.

You have to observe and try to figure out the best way. Good luck to all 3 prisons and about you, let’s check out other options of games such as Warzone Getaway 2020 and Frontline Commando Survival.

How to play:

Use your left mouse to draw.

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