Police Motorbike Driver

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Police Motorbike Driver GamePlay:

Police Motorbike Driver brings the driving simulator game to the new level by adding many missions to challenge your driving and problem-solving skills. If you love to conquer the challenges, let’s dig in this game and you won’t feel disappointed. First of all, come to the first point to receive your very first mission. You can see what is happening and where you need to go by using a mini-map at the top of the left screen.

Here at y8y8 game y8, it will highlight the destination that you have to arrive. Come to each point and a mission will be given to you. For example, you must pick up the weapon and drop it in the told location within a limited time or follow the car and make sure it reaches the destination safely, don’t go too far. If you make any mistakes during the mission, you have to play again.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, don’t worry about the accident or anything else. Feel free to drive as the way you like. You don’t have to drive on the road because it allows you to drive in the mountainous areas and more. Choose the best path to come to the next destination fastly. Or drive around to sightseeing before starting your mission. It’ fine.

With each mission, you have a choice to choose to go on or abort that mission. If you choose to abort that current mission, it won’t affect your playing process, you will move to the next mission right away and keep enjoying the game. Is the game great? Make sure you don’t abort other choices of games such as Truck Soccer and Flying Car Driving Simulator

How to play:

Use arrow keys to control your motorbike.

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