Penguin Hop

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Penguin Hop is a lovely endless hopping game in which you will make friends with animals in the winter city. Here at Y8 boys games, you will play a hopping game with a cute animal at a time. Your very first friend is a penguin. Your main mission is to help a penguin hop across a road full of vehicles and your ultimate goal is to help them go as far as possible. One jump is one point.

There are single-lane, two-lane, and multi-lane roads and cars come from the right side and the left side of the screen without any rules. Sometimes, you need to speed up and sometimes, you need to slow down Sometimes, you need to hop several times in a row and sometimes, you need to hop one step at a time depending on the traffic. Don't be too surprised because sometimes you will have to cross the river. The waterlily will appear. Jump on it to cross the river safely. Watch out for vehicles because you know what?

The road is insanely busy. You shouldn’t stop in the middle of the road. It’s such a fun and challenging game. Of course, you can find many interesting choices at as well. With easy and intuitive controls and enjoyable gameplay, you will have hours of fun if you can keep the lovely animal safe for a long time. Don’t forget to collect coins to welcome new animals to join your hopping adventure.

However, don’t pay too much attention to picking coins. Just pick up coins if it’s easy for you to do that. Otherwise, just leave it behind. Check out other interesting games on our site such as Penguins Jump Escape and Jake the Snake

How to play: Mouse or arrow keys.

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