Penalty Kick

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Online game Penalty Kick at y8 games online is another football arcade game. You need to use your brain and find the best route. Try to avoid the defenders and goalkeepers then make a high score solo goal. Very interesting game. You will definitely love it the first time you play. What are you waiting for? Start playing today to show off your professional Penalty kicking technique. Your task is very simple. Kick the ball into the opponent's net. You need to use your eyes to observe and estimate how to kick the ball into the net. Need to avoid the defenders blocking the ball ahead.

Choose or use your intelligence to distract goalkeepers and defenders. If you shoot a lot of balls you will win. Each level will require a different number of balls. You kick enough number of balls you will win. The game specifies that you have a number of kicks. If you miss many times you will have to play again. Therefore, it is necessary to have accurate stones and bring the highest results. Enjoy the fun today!

The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you overcome and kick how many balls into the net? It all depends on your ingenuity. You will be able to show off your professional soccer skills when joining this game. With vivid graphic design, you will be able to participate in the exciting soccer match. The stadium with many spectators cheering will make the player excited.

Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. And if you love this game, you can play some other similar games FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush and Volley Beans at You will have plenty of time to relax in life.


Use mouse to play

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