Panzer Hero

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Panzer Hero GamePlay:

Jump right to the battlefield and defeat other players around the world with your powerful panzer tank. This is an online battle. Your enemies are real players. So don’t look down on the enemy because they can be faster than you and have a better strategy than you. In Panzer Hero at y8y8 game y8, you choose among 4 panzer tank classes, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. QR-8 Badger aims with a powerful and advanced fire control system, B6L-Scorpiron composites armor withstands direct hits from 120 mm tank around, YN37-Buffald is equipped with a powerful engine known for its mechanical reliability and GH5 Legion combines with good mobility and superior accuracy against long-range targets.

To survive longer, you should combine well between attack and defense to kill enemies while protecting yourself. You should use objects on the battlefield to take cover to hide and avoid the attack from your enemies. On, whenever you get shot, you lose some HP. You can recover your health by looking for first-aid kits. You also collect some useful items.

Make use of them, collect every single item even you have full HP to make your enemies have no chance to use them. Kill as many enemies as possible because your ranking on the leaderboard relies on this stat. You can respawn when you die and keep playing. Stay away from those who have more Hp than you because they will grab the chance to keep attacking you until you die. Enjoy the battle and don’t give up if you lose many times.

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WASD to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

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