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Have you ever dreamed of being a doctor when you grow up? Let’s have some practice first to prepare for future, ok? Here at y8 girl games, you work as a nail doctor who is responsible for curing people’s feet. Today, you welcome 4 cases of patients with different injuries on feet. In Nail Doctor online game, you are going to help them bring back their healthy feet. Let’s start experiencing the working life of a doctor.

Wow! Their injuries look so terrible. You must check and cure them in turn immediately before they get worse. Choose the first patient case and do what you need to do. First of all, the foot needs to be cleaned. You use a tiny shower to clean the foot and the injured toe. Then, dry it with a soft towel. The tiptoe is swollen. You use a syringe and inject her toe with medicines reducing inflammation. Now, it’s time to check other parts. At, you use a tweezer to remove insects and pull out 4 thrones. Next, you a cotton pad to absorb blood and cool the toe down with the specialized cooling equipment in medicine. Then, you drop medicine on the wound. Don’t forget to remove the infected nail with a tiny knife and dress the wound in gauze. There are many types of gauzes here. You can choose what you want at your preference.

Finally, let’s them get an x-ray or medical examination with. You should check the to-do list to make sure that you don’t miss any necessary steps in Nail Doctor. Your patient's nail is 100% cure. Are you happy? Have fun! Other fun games are waiting for you to explore, check out Spongebob Doctor.

How to play:

Use left click to play.

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