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In many games, you will be for the good and against evil. There aren't many games that make you a villain. If you want to try, visit Y8 games and there is such a game for you which is Just for fun, you play as murder and with other murders, you guys compete with each other to find out who kills the most. Sound like a cruel competition but don’t make it too serious. Within a limited time, you must take out as many victims as you can to earn score and beat the score of other online players.

Your opponents are real players, then this competition is really competitive. Make sure you follow 2 following rules or you can’t become a successful murder. Firstly, just kill people standing alone. Secondly, after taking action, leave the body immediately. These make sense because if you kill people in a crowd, your actions will be witnessed by people around you, as a result, the police arrive and you are arrested.

Besides, if you kill people and you still stand near the body, you will be identified as the killer and as the result, you get caught by the police. On, you should look for the victim who is standing alone or in any corner and stay away from the crowds. If you get caught, you will respawn and keep playing until time runs out. At the end of each match, the play who gets the most scores is the winner.

There are 3 players in a match. Get your weapon ready and start the show. Have fun. Don’t forget to enjoy more games here. Some of the best ones for you are and Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters.


Arrow keys to move, Z to attack, and X pickup body.

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