Moto Rush

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Moto Rush GamePlay:

Moto Rush is a fun and challenging motorbike racing game that puts you in a thrilling competition where you don’t compete against other racers but yourself. It sounds weird and impossible but it’s true. Here at y8 y8 online free games, you will embark on an endless racing game on your motorbike. It just likes an endless runner game but instead of running, you control your motorbike here. Your main objective to go as far as you can to get as many points as possible. It’s hard to make it but you can do it after a few times practice.

Keep in mind that there are some barriers on the road. You have to avoid them. When you see the ramp, let’s jump over them to flip and get bonuses or you can dodge them if you aren’t confident enough that you can make it. However, sometimes, you can’t dodge. It forces you to make a flip. In the beginning, you may fail when you deal with a ramp but gradually you will get familiar to it and know some tricks to conquer it.

On, rush to the speed boosts to speed up. Interestingly, you don’t have to collect coins to upgrade or buy something new. The game just repeats like that but it won’t make you feel bored. Each time you fall, you will stand up and try one more time for sure. This game looks simple and easy but the truth is the opposite. It’s insanely challenging. So jump in this challenge and let’s see what your highest score is.

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Use your mouse to control your motorbike.

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