Mini Flips Plus

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Mini Flips Plus is a fun platformer puzzle game that you can play for free at It offers 162 exciting yet challenging levels in which you help a slime monster to jump, hop and flip sides through all deadly traps to collect every single coin. A level is clear once all coins are collected. Your slime monster will auto-move and it will change the moving direction when it hits the wall. One of the most important things to winning is to master the movement of slime. Time your action to make it jump, hop and flip sides at the right moment, so you can reach your goal successfully.

Each level won’t require you to clear the mission within a certain amount of time. It's up to you to finish the level sooner or later. Remember that your slime has only one life and once it touches an obstacle, you have to restart that level. Besides, the next level will be only opened when you finish the current one. The same as other level-based games that you have played at y8, as you progress, you will find it harder to reach your goal. Everything will get more complicated. You will have to be twice as careful and skillful as you have shown before.

Let’s see how you can handle them. Puzzle games always attract many players due to their amazing gameplay and simple controls. These games not only help players entertained but also help them improve memory, problem-solving skills, and more. If you are looking for more games like that, feel free to explore our website. There are tons of games to choose from there. For example: Draw and Save The Car and Snow Fun

Instructions: Up/right/left arrow keys to jump, Space, or right-click to flip sides.

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