Mexico Rex

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Mexico Rex GamePlay:

In Mexico Rex, the latest game on y8 games unblocked, you play as an angry T-rex which is trapped in the cage for a long time. Anger builds up all the time you are locked in this dark place. It’s time to take revenge on those who catch you and let’s make them suffer the great rage. Destroy the whole of Mexico at 8 different levels in this game.

Each of them is a mission that you have to finish. They are full of joy and challenges. You don’t know what is waiting for you ahead but don’t afraid because you are a T-rex. Humans should know they are in trouble. Equipped with weapons, you dash ahead and bite or shoot everyone and destroy everything. The mission is completed when you kill enough and collect enough chilies that each level requires.

At, the first thing to do is to collect bullets. Bite the box that appears at the beginning of each level to collect them. You are better to bite each solider and shoot tanks or rocket launchers. You are unable to bite any war machines, then destroy them by using weapons and eat every solider to enhance your strength. Show off your power by smashing buildings, shooting vehicles and don’t forget to collect 3 jalapeños.

Remember to kill your enemies after they shoot you. Many games are available on our site. They vary on genre and gameplay. However, if you want something as exciting as this game, then you can try Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors and Dead Target Zombie Shooter.


W/up arrow to jump

S/down arrow to crouch

A and D or left and right to move, left click to bite or shoot.

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