Animal Swift

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Animal Swift GamePlay:

Animal Swift is a crazy arcade game. It has a simple concept but you’re not easy to reach the requirement of the game. It tests your reaction and patience like many games that you find at Y8 games. Your ultimate goal here is to lead two animals to go through many obstacles blocking their way to reach the finish line safely. On every single level, you have to reach that goal. Those obstacles are walls made of blocks.

A complete wall is 9x9 blocks. Each wall will miss some blocks that create some holes for your animal to fly through. You have to gather 2 animals in one place or separate them accordingly to fly through holes. If you crash into the wall, you lose some HP. Your HP is represented by the heart placed in the top center of the screen. When that heart is empty, you need to restart the current level.

On, you can’t find any way to restore your HP during a match. Try to dodge obstacles and go through the holes successfully. You can collect crystals along the way. This item is used to buy a random animal in the store. These animals don’t have anything special. They just make the gaming experience more refreshing as you accompany new animals on your adventure. Therefore, you can collect crystals or not. It’s important but not important that much. As you level up, the difficulty level increases significantly. Besides, at the end of each journey, your animals will fly faster.

It makes it hard to make a suitable move without hitting the obstacles. Enjoy your journey and make sure you explore more games here such as Super Friday Night Funkin and Fruit Adventure.

Instructions: Mouse to control your animals.

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