Jump Box Hero

Rate: 83.3% | 4.2/5 (6 Player)


Jump Box Hero GamePlay:

Simple gameplay, simple content, and simple design but freaking hard to get a high score, how can you succeed in Jump Box Hero at y8y8 games? We don’t have an answer for you because everything depends on you. Well, Jump Box Hero is a really addicting game that keeps you playing for several times. What you need to do at here is to help a box jump as high as possible.

Of course, the way is not easy at all. You will face a wide range of obstacles which are various moving platforms as the doors. You have to pass through these doors safely before they close. These fences vary in speed and moving directions, so you have to stay focused and act fast. Stay in the air if you see any deadly doors seem to close, then when the danger is gone, let’s quickly move the box. Each fence you pass through successfully, you get 1 point. No matter how many scores you get at any moments, once you touch the fence, you have to start from the beginning. 

Here, the goal of the game is to see what your highest score is. Just simple like that. If you love to conquer the challenges and you are looking for a simple, but fun game, then Jump Box Hero is a great choice to die for. Don’t forget to compete against your friends to have more fun. Good luck! At legends games, there are also many awesome games that you can play for free all the time, such as The Impossible Dash

How to play:

Left click to control the box.

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