Idle Survival

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Idle Survival is a fun and challenging survival game at in which you will deal with a survival challenge alone on an island. Let’s see how long you can keep your life safe. This island is desolate and uninhabited, but it has everything you need to help you survive. The important thing is that you need to know how to take advantage of them. Basically, you will join some activities to stay healthy, to keep your stomach full, to keep yourself safe from dangers, wild animals, and so on.

All you have to do is to hunt fish, build a house, look for food, and collect and craft necessary things for your life. Each activity is a simple game and you will find a lot of fun. For example, in terms of collecting, you cut trees to build a house. In terms of finding food, you will catch fish. Throw a spear and you can get fish. Then, you can roast that fish and so on.

Here at y8 games escape, when you level up, you will unlock new items which are much more valuable and helpful. Don't forget to pay attention to the 3 indicator bars at the top of the screen. It shows you how many woods you have collected, and your health. You will know it’s time to collect or it’s time to eat.

To craft and build things, you have to collect a certain number of woods. So, spend time cutting trees. It's one of the most important activities in the game. Try your best to unlock all locked items and enjoy your time with other fun games such as Save The Sausage Man and One Line Draw. New games are daily added. Stay tuned for something awesome coming each day. Have fun!

Instructions: Mouse.

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