Granny Multiplayer

Rate: 85% | 4.3/5 (20 Player)


Granny Multiplayer GamePlay:

As its name, Granny Multiplayer is an online multiplayer honor game in which you play with other players from over the world. Here, you and other players are trapped in an evil granny’s house. If you don’t escape from here as soon as possible, you will be killed by granny. However, there is only one player who will be the winner. So, your threaten at y8 game new is not only granny but also other players.

You have to complete against them to take the only chance of survival. Become the first player to escape from granny’s house is your main goal. You can interact with everything in the house, even many characters. To win the match, you need to reach the flag. Carefully go around the house to find all useful stuff which could help you escape. Don’t focus on what other player does. Just pay attention to exploring and collecting every single item such as shrinking pills, keys, knife and so on.

On, you also have to watch out the evil granny. She suddenly appears anywhere in the house. At that moment, you should know that your life ends here. Discover every corner, open the drawers and doors, maybe you can find something useful there. The game doesn’t require you to escape within a limited time. But you need to hurry up to get the flag before anyone grabs it first. Race against time and other players, even granny to keep your life safe.

How can you escape and stay safe? It’s all up to you. After escaping safely from this game, don’t forget to play other games such as Trollface Quest and Pinata Zombie Hunter


Arrow keys/WASD to move

Mouse to view

E to interact

Space to jump.

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