Funny Rescue Sumo

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Funny Rescue Sumo GamePlay:

You always think that sumos are scary and strong men, right? You may change your mind when you meet our lovely sumo in Funny Rescue Sumo at Y8 com 2 players. He is crying. Why? Because he loses and gets hurt. You are here to cheer him up and help him recover, and get ready for the next battle. You have 5 tasks to do including coaxing him, healing him, filling his stomach, helping him win, and choose for him a perfect outfit.

Each task is a mini-game and even kids can play because the instructions are so clear. You just need to click on the arrow shown on the screen to do your task. In the first task, you need to give him the teddy bears that he likes while waiting for the ambulance. When he stops crying and the ambulance comes, let’s take him to the hospital. He broke a bone, dislocated his joint, and his face was swollen.

Follow the instructions of the doctor to heal him. After a long stay in the hospital, he craves hot pot. Here at, your third task is to fill his empty stomach. Take him to a hot pot restaurant. The fourth task is to help him get ready and fight against his rival. Click or tap on the green part of something that looks like a clock to attack the rival and defend himself. He has 3 chances. Each time you click on the red area, he loses a life.

The final task is to dress up for the sumo. He wins and he deserves to have the most perfect outfit. Mix and match to turn him into fashionable sumo. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Chibi Sup Color and Halloween Clown Dressup.

Controls: Mouse.

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