Funny Camping Day

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Funny Camping Day GamePlay:

Funny Camping Day is an enjoyable camping adventure game at  tY8 juegoshat is not only fun in gameplay but also beautiful in graphics. Here, you will go camping with 4 cute animal friends and create good memories with them. First of all, let’s get on the bus to go to the camping site. After you get there, you will help each of your friends complete his or her missions.

Those missions include clean the camping site, build all camping tents, slash all the tree woods and make fire from woods, catch the right fish, cook BBQ skewers and decorate the camping tents. You can choose to do any mission first without having a mission finished to move to the next one. With the cleaning the camping site mission, you have to pick up trash and sort it into 4 different bins. Then, you have to wipe the seats around the campfire. In the build all camping tents mission, you have to build 2 camping tents.

On, you have to slash all the tree woods like what you do in the Fruit Ninja game and traditionally make a fire. After that, you go fishing. You have to catch 8 fish. Just toss the fishing rod when the fish you want to swim by and you will catch it. Then, all of you can prepare fish for dinner. Make 4 BBQ skewers and cover each skewer of your guys' favorite sauce, then grill it on the campfire.

After having a delicious meal, your final mission is to decorate camping tents and go to sleep. A camping day ends there. How awesome it is! Discover other amazing games on our site. Cut For Cat and Watermelon Run 3D are two of the best ones.

Controls: Mouse to do camping activities.

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