Frozen Christmas Eve

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Frozen Christmas Eve GamePlay:

Christmas day is coming around the corner. Everyone is excited to welcome this special event in the year, Frozen family is not the exception. They discuss the decoration and they decided to hold a party at Y8y8y8 games for kids and invite their friends to come. But they can’t finish everything without your help. Are you willing to help them? Frozen Christmas Eve at Y8y8 online offers 2 parts for you to play which are Dress up and Decoration. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Swen, all of them want to have a great outfit which is suitable for Christmas day. Uhm...

In y8games, Which choice is the best for each of them? What would you choose? You need to pick for each of them in turn from cloth, hat, footwear, and accessories. Maybe, green and red are the perfect colors for this event. So you can choose the outfit which has highlighted patterns such as snowflakes, Christmas tree or snowman. After finishing the first part, now it’s time to decorate the ice castle in order to turn it from a cold place to a cozy hall with tons of Christmas items. 

Frozen Christmas Eve is a perfect game for you to play at Christmas time. It’s simple, easy and interesting so that it really suits kids. Hope you have a great time! Enjoy more games at girls games, including Frozen Christmas Design


Choosing items by using your mouse.