Find These Guys

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Each person has their own unique characteristics. Each person has a unique appearance. And you have to take advantage of the characteristics to find out some guys that each level requires you to find. Are you ready? Come to Find These Guys at y8 juegos and see how good are your eyes? Yes, it’s true. The skills that you have to use to conquer this game is eye-hand coordination. 16 beautiful levels are waiting for you there.

All of them are unlocked, so you can choose any levels to play first. Besides, you can move to other levels when you don’t like the current level. It seems that you play as a detective who has to find some specific guys. You will see a list of pictures of those you have to seek on the left side of the screen. And move your eyes a little bit to the center, you will see a horde of people and you have to scan through all of them and find out each person on the list.

On, it looks simple but you will feel confused and overwhelmed because many of them are lookalike. Each game doesn’t limit the time you have to finish each level but it counts time. The more time flies, the more disadvantages you have. You have to have a least 1 star to complete the mission successfully. Don’t worry if you can find anything because you can use hints to help you get out of the stuck point. Be careful!

Find the wrong person and you will be added 5 seconds to the current total time. Complete every single level in the shortest time and enjoy more games such as Fruits Scramble and Mahjong Dark Dimensions.


Use your left click to play this game.

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