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Exploder GamePlay:

Have you ever play the classic Bomberman? Let’s try a new version of that famous game at y8 games. The game you’re going to play is called Exploder. As its name, you have to blow up everything. It’s an online game, so your opponents are real players from all over the world. It’s about the strategy. You have to make a strategic move each time to win the battle. You don’t know how well your opponents are.

So, be careful and stay focused on each move you make. You have to plan bombs to break the boxes blocking the way and kill other players. Besides online players, you also need to make monsters roaming around explode. If you touch them, you die. Find the best way to trap monsters and enemies to keep your life safe.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, by breaking the boxes on the map with bombs, you will earn some power-ups that increase the power of the bombs or increase the number of bombs that you can plan. Here, you not only need to stay away from the bombs of your opponents but also run far away from the bombs that you plan. It will explode soon so it’s better to avoid its explosions by covering yourself with obstacles on the map. You will earn coins after you win each challenging battle. Then, you can use coins to upgrade your character’s look with new skins and awesome items. However, it’s not easy to win.

Take advantage of each chance you have to win over your opponents. Enjoy the experience that the game offers and why don’t you handle new challenges in some fun games like Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure and Rodeo Stampede?


Arrow keys to move and spacebar to plan bombs.

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