Cube Ninja

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Cube Ninja GamePlay:

Cube Ninja is one of the most interesting racing games in which you will participate in a race with unlimited time and unlimited distance. Note that, the challenges will appear constantly and unexpectedly ahead. So you will not have much time to think, instead you have to control your character quickly, correctly and carefully on the track at Y8y8y8 kids games.

In particular, you should remember that you will only have one life during the race. So if you lose your life, the game will end. This means that the race results from the beginning will be lost. To conquer the track, you only need to control your character - a small ninja to change the direction from top to bottom or bottom to top. Whenever you see an obstacle ahead, you have to change the direction to avoid colliding with them.

Try your best to run as far as possible and conquer all the races. Warning! This game has a fast speed, so you need to train and raise your quick reaction to overcome the obstacles in an easy way. What are you waiting for? Jump into Cube Ninja at kids games and challenge yourself now with a similar game as Yeti Sensation! Have fun!

How to play?

Control your character with the mouse on the computer.