Crime City 3D

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Crime City 3D GamePlay:

Crime City 3D is the attractive shooting game that is now available for you on our website but I must warn you that it contains a lot of bloody pictures and violent content. Thus, you have to think carefully before pressing “Play” button to avoid being obsessed in the real world on y8y8y8 games.

We prepare you 2 modes including online save in which the game progress of register player will be saved permanently and local save where the game progress will be saved locally. Choose one of them and start your challenge. Be confident with your shooting skills to conquer all the targets of this game

You are alone on the battleground but you have many weapons and vehicles to help you. In each level, the game requires you to defeat a number certain of opponents in a specific time. For example, your task in level one is to kill 100 enemies in 3:35 seconds. Move around the city to find out the hidden foes and shoot them all. They can stand on the way or hide on the roof of the tall buildings so that you have to take a careful look to not miss out them.

Besides, you are allowed to steal any vehicle you wish, such as the helicopter, auto car, jetpack and tank to protect you from enemies’ attacks as well as take advantage of its powerful gun. To survive, you have to not only attack the mafia but also avoid their bullets. Observe to collect awesome weapons on the ground of y8 free games like grenades because they will help you defeat the waves of enemies in the shortest time.

The multikilling brings you the bonus scores. When you gain enough points, you can turn it into money to upgrade the weapons. Do your best to fight the evil force and protect your city. If adventurous shooting game impresses you definitely, share it with your friends to play together. Explore more games such as Strike Force Heroes 2!

How to play:

Use the WASD to move

Space to jump

T he mouse to aim or shoot

X to throw grenades

E to get into vehicles.

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