Christmas Tree Fun

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Christmas Tree Fun GamePlay:

Christmas has come and Santa needs some wood to serve as gifts. Maybe he used wood to repair sleds or made sculptures for children, or simply put them in the fireplace to enjoy the warmth. Whatever he does, he is in the jungle right now and he faces some troubles. It seems that he really needs help. Are you willing to give your helpful hands?

In Christmas Tree Run at y8 games unblocked, your objective is to help Santa Claus chop the tree without causing the accident. This game tests your eye-hand coordination and reaction as you have to avoid the branches of the tree while chopping it by jumping to the left and right accordingly. You control the Santa and while he chops, you control the movement to keep him safe. With simple concept and easy control, even kids can enjoy this game.

To add more competitiveness to the game, you can challenge your friend or any members of your family to find out who has a higher score in each turn. On, whether you can go far or not, it depends on your observation and reaction. Santa has only one life. He doesn’t have any chance to continue if he hits any of the branches. So, make sure you keep him safe. Santa is safe means each child will have a gift at Christmas.

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Use your mouse to help Santa avoid all branches.

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