Rate: 90% | 4.5/5 (12 Player)

Play GamePlay: is one of the most interesting IO games which is loved by thousands of the players around the world at games y8. This game is suitable for both children and adult with the attractive gameplay and great music in the game. Entering this game, you will have the opportunity to develop many essential skills in life such as fast response, ability to observe, predictability and conjecture.

To conquer, you will have to defeat many other talented players and own a professional fighting technique in the game. Your main mission is to move continuously on the screen, eat as many useful items as possible and knock all foes down in the battle with y8y8 online games. Therefore, you should observe carefully and avoid facing the bigger characters than yours.

A useful tip for you is that you should focus on eating more energy first to increase body size and energy, so, in this stage you should not fight directly. After you have become bigger, please attack continuously to the smaller characters and get the highest score now. Besides, our website also upgrades some similar games at five best games for you such as,Try them!


Use the your mouse

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