Amnesia True Subway Horror

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Amnesia True Subway Horror GamePlay:

You are a great gunman and you want to show your outstanding talents when joining the new game called Amnesia True Subway Horror at When starting your journey in the subway, you must move carefully and find enemies to destroy before they shoot you.

This is definitely one of the most interesting shooting games that our website has updated for online game players to relax in their free time. You have the right to choose your favorite game now and save it to the game list to join later. The lively music of the game also contributes to the special. If you feel scared, invite your friends to join the game so they can help you fight until you kill all enemies in your game.

With the number of points you gain, you can completely upgrade your weapons and start fighting the most heroically when you join this game at the Y8 Games Online Games. Shooting game requires players to define clear targets and aim most accurately until you reach the final score without being bothered by any element in your game.

Online game players all over the world have the opportunity to choose the part to play and complete all challenges with the latest gaming tips. You are not bothered by ads when playing games and can enjoy the new space in the most special way. This game gives players new challenges in shooting ability. Show off your skills in other shooting games like Super Hot and Slenderman And Killer Clown


WASD to walk around, mouse to look around, left mouse to fire, right mouse to aim

Mouse wheel to change weapons

R to reload

F to pick up items

Left shift to run

Left Ctrl to crouch

C to prone

Space to jump

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