Metal Animal

Rate: 60% | 3/5 (2 Player)


Metal Animal GamePlay:

Metal Animal is a cool tower defense game in which you protect your tank from evil animals instead of defending a tower. Here at Y8 games, you may have played several strategy games like that but this game is different from them. You will see the differences while playing. Let’s go into detail about what you’re gonna do. Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible by defeating all enemies approaching you. They will attack your tank to destroy it.

You must stop them before it too late. You have 3 slots to place your units and 3 different units, one with a canon, one with a normal gun and one restores the tank’s HP. The best formation is all 3 of them. However, at first, when enemies don’t show up much, you should choose an attack-oriented formation. When the HP bar drops to 2/3, you replace an attacker will the healer to restore HP.

On, you deal with different enemies aimed with heavy weapons and at the end of the stage, a boss appears. Bosses are the strongest. You have to be very careful because each attack from the boss makes you lose many HP. Your healers must work hard to restore your HP. Choose and place your metal animals onto the strategic positions on your tank to defeat waves after waves of enemies. You earn coins during the battle and you can use coins to unlock new tanks. New tanks are much more powerful.

However, their prices are very high. You will need a lot of time to save money. Have fun and deal with more challenges in other games such as Cyborg Slayer and Emperors On Ice.

How to play:

Mouse to play.

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