10x10 Arabian Nights

Rate: 76.7% | 3.8/5 (6 Player)


10x10 Arabian Nights GamePlay:

There are lots of challenges in the puzzle game and this game too. Y8y8y8 kids games collects 10x10 Arabian Nights puzzle game and gives you an exciting moment when you stack blocks next to each other and make them disappear without coinciding with each other. The fact that you are allowed to choose the cubes to pull up the board at the top is different from the other games.

You can enjoy the puzzle, but notice when the board is full, the game will end. Therefore, remember you only have space of 10x10. One of the most interesting things gives you is the exciting online puzzle game with special content. You do not need to worry about flash, advertising or slow loading. You just have to play the game and enjoy the rare free moments are very comfortable. We also have other great puzzle games for you to explore like 2048 game at m.y8y8y8.games!

Your mission is to become a smart player. Otherwise, you will not score points and when the game is over, you need to start from the beginning in a clever way. Do not miss this latest 10x10 Arabian Nights game at y8 school games. You need to avoid creating spaces. Because there is so much space, the blocks will overlap until they are full and you have no way to remove them. Get ready for this game and achieve the highest score. You can also play with your friends for the best puzzle ideas.


Use your mouse to drag the blocks at the bottom and move them to any position above the box. Quickly get the highest scores at the game.

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