Trollface Quest: USA 1

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Trollface Quest: USA 1 GamePlay:

It seems to be boring today. Let’s cheer yourself up or make yourself more bored by playing Trollface Quest: USA 1 because you can troll everyone in a fun way or be trolled pitifully. Here at juegos y8, trolling everyone from normal citizens to famous ones is the passion of Troll Face and he will stop until his passion is satisfied. Now, he arrives in the USA and plans to make something big here. What do you expect?

You can guess what he is going to do. He has so many ideas and now it’s a chance to implement. Will you become his victim or the one who will make him fail? This point and click adventure will surprise you with something unexpected. You will have a chance to show off your skills in different situations. Troll Face will troll the famous people in the USA. The key to success is to click or tap on every possible object around and find out how it works. You can be successful and complete your mission or fail.

On, you don’t follow any rules because there is no official rule for this game. Just follow your feeling and play like the way you like. If you get stuck, you have 5 hints to help you solve the puzzles. Use them wisely and just make use of them if needed because you don’t have any methods to earn extra hints.

Let’s get ready and deal with Troll Face’s trolls. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in a wide collection of games. Trollface Quest and Trollface Quest TV Shows  are just 2 of the best options.


Point and click by using your left mouse or tap on the screen.

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